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Welcome to Walk with a Doc & Just Walk!

Watertown is now a member/chapter of WWAD & JW!

This week, we're featuring Linda Corinne, Nurse Practitioner, whose talk focuses on Nature Prescriptions (based on the TIME article: A prescription you can't fill at the pharmacy by Jamie Ducharme)! Watch and learn more in the video BELOW~

Earlier this month, we launched the program via ZOOM featuring Watertown resident and physician, Dr. Jacob Mirsky, who talked about Lifestyle Medicine. Watch it HERE.

Step One: Health Talk

  • Every Friday at 12:00/noon, we'll post a video featuring one of our WWAD or Just Walk Leaders who will share information about a health topic.

Past Virtual WWAD Videos:

Step Two: Walk

After watching, or at a scheduled time within a day or two, go out for a walk! Keep safety in mind and be sure to do the following:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Keep a healthy distance
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature!
  • Acknowledge your effort, every step counts!
  • Explore the many walking locations in Town

This week's featured location:

Mount Auburn Cemetery ~ explore various walking routes while taking in the fall foliage, plant and wildlife of this local gem: Visit their WEBSITE

Step Three: Share

  • Comment on the Health Talk*
  • Photos of scenery
  • Number of steps or miles walked
  • Favorite places to walk
  • What motivates you!
  • Share information by posting on:
    Live Well Facebook page: HERE
    Live Well Instagram: HERE
    *Questions can be directed: HERE

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