Healthy Eating

If you need help gettng started check out the Healthy Eating Plate as a guideline.

A notable food story in 2011 was the introduction of the MyPlate icon to replace MyPyramid. The plate itself may be a reminder to take the time to plan meals and sit at the table to eat them.


  1. PLAN AHEAD Prepare menus for nutrition and have a physical activity plan.
  2. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE Look up nutrition information on your favorite foods.
  3. TRACK YOUR SUCCESS Keep a journal of foods and notice healthy choices.


  • Share a meal with family and friends and enjoy the pleasure of eating together.
  • Shop together
  • Select recipes and plan menus together
  • Make food shopping a fun field trip
  • Make healthy food choices with family and friends
  • When we are hungry we tend to grab the first thing we see. Place healthy food in an obvious place so you will be tempted to eat the healthy food first.
  • Put your fruits and vegetables at eye level so you see these and remember to prepare and eat them.
  • Only buy fruits and vegetables that you will eat before they perish.
  • Wash, trim, slice, and cut your vegetables early in the week so your prep time is cut in half.
  • Use the leftover prepared vegetables for the next meal or for your soup.

What Watertown residents have to say…

In 2012, Watertown residents were asked about their tricks to eating healthy. Here are some of their responses:

  • Shop the perimeter at the grocery store
  • Buy fruit – Try frozen berries kept in the freezer for smoothies
  • Select healthy food
  • Cook at home and with friends
  • Cooks meals that can be leftover for lunch
  • Cook a big meal on Sundays that will last for a few days
  • Eat what is in season
  • Eat fish
  • Combine beans with pasta dishes
  • Cut-up fruit and vegetables, so that it can be ready to eat (fast food!)
  • Grow a garden and include vegetables
  • Enjoy fruit before dessert

Consider a Compromise

“We are in a five-member multi-generational family. Two of us eat very healthy and the other three are very picky eaters, so we do our best to compromise on a vegetable that everyone will eat at dinner time.”

“Having a vegetarian in the family has meant that we all eat vegetarian most of the time. We use a pressure cooker for beans and some veggies, which saves time and energy.”


Hydrate Right

Drink Water DailyEvery cell in our bodies needs water to function. Every cell needs water. Water keeps our bodies in balance. Usually, our fluid needs are met with daily meals, snacks, and drinks. This balance may change, however, if you are beginning a new exercise schedule or with the weather. Activity intensity and duration will also affect the balance.

Your body loses fluid through normal body functions and sweat.

Did you know…

  • Sweat may or may not be visible. You sweat even if it is cool, you sweat in a pool, and you sweat in the winter.
  • Drink more when it is hot. Heat and humidity can cause dehydration more quickly with sweat loss.
Water is a great choice for hydration!
  • Drink when you are thirsty.
  • Drink during your exercise activity
  • Replace fluids when you complete your activity
  • Keep water handy