December 7, 2014

About Us

Live Well Watertown began as a collaborative initiative between Watertown’s Health and Community Development and Planning Departments and a group of Watertown residents, whose shared goal was to promote healthy living in the community.

In 2012, a Metropolitan Area Planning Council grant supported a project to assess healthy living and wellness in Watertown. The following work was completed:

  • Stakeholder interviews with town officials and community groups
  • Document review of Town ordinances and plans relating to planning and health
  • Online Community Wellness Survey to assess active living and healthy eating habits among Watertown residents
  • Baseline Report

In 2013, a Watertown Community Foundation grant supported the development of a website for the group’s work and the name Live Well Watertown (LWW) was created.

In 2013, a Community Health Network Area (CHNA)-17 grant was awarded to Healthy Waltham, with Live Well Watertown as a collaborator. The funds supported the ongoing development of LWW and the implementation of the report findings of the surveys and interviews done the year before. The following goals were outlined:

  • Incorporate wellness into the Comprehensive Plan
  • Create a community-wide wellness policy
  • Work with the School Wellness Committee on updating School Department’s Wellness Policy

In the spring of 2014, Live Well Watertown was relaunched through the support of a CHNA-17 grant, with an expanded goal of finding synergies between community groups whose mission and efforts focus on wellness, and building partnerships between them, as a path to developing a vibrant community health coalition.